About Spatacular Girl

Spatacular Girl is a make believe world created especially for little girls and boys to celebrate special occasions, anything from rewarding good grades to celebrating a birthday, with a day to the spa! The spa’s classy yet kid-friendly surroundings take little ones on a journey of pampering and bliss. We, here at Spactular Girl, want foster an environment that encourages kids to relax and practice self-care. At Spatacular Girl, we also focus on having safe, natural, and cruelty free products to ensure the comfort and safety of your little one, and with only the finest, well-trained, and kid-friendly service. So, please come on by whether it’s tea-time or just a little me time, to Spatacular Girl!

Spatacular Girl gained its inspiration from a full-time mom of three girls looking for a place to help reward her daughters for good grades, positive behavior, and milestones in their life by sharing the pampering experience of a spa, but that appeals to a child’s imagination. After years of not finding a place that specifically caters to children and not findings products that meet the natural and cruelty-free requirements, she decided to open her own children’s spa! The first of its kind in the Inland Empire surrounding Los Angeles, her goals of creating a place where kids can be kids, yet indulge in the same pampering adults have access to while promoting healthy habits of self-care are now realized with Spactacular Girl!

Any girl or boy can now take part in the experience of a lifetime to either have their nails painted for the first time or feel amazing having their face massaged like mommy or daddy does with a yummy smelling mask!